Art Lindsey III

New Media and Technology Consulting

About Art

138-275x300Pundit, policy wonk and new media trailblazer, Arthur Lindsey III has been talking politics for more than a decade. With a background in technology and a passion for politics, Art has made it possible to combine the two into a perfect blend of knowledge and opinion, which he is never shy to share.

Acquiring a degree in broadcasting in 1997, Art foresaw the coming of Web 2.0, and co-created one of the first podcasting platforms, Blipmedia. Since then he has been delivering technological wisdom and political punditry on the web to thousands of listeners and subscribers.

He began his Internet broadcasting career in 2000 with a Canadian outlet named Rantmedia, and within a decade, he was co-hosting “Rizwords” – a happy combination of both politics and new technology – with his creative partner Mark Hopkins, and garnering over 100,000 downloads every month. Other podcasts have come and gone over the years, including the popular “Out In Right Field,” an irreverent mix of conservative thought and pop culture.

His work with Arts + Labs combines policy writing with tech consulting, from a user perspective. Net neutrality, cloud computing and intellectual property rights are just some of the areas Art covers.

Most recently, Art Lindsey has been working with Silicon Angle, a John Furrier brainchild, to upgrade their platforms, building a unique new “supercomputer” from scratch to carry the load. But there’s more to Art than his technological ability or his understanding of Beltway politics. Art has tenacity. Despite a serious handicap at birth, Art was determined to walk, talk, play and learn like all the other children. That tenacity has carried over into his adult life, where he not only matches his peers but strives to exceed them, continuously learning and always sharing his knowledge with those around him. His mission is to give everyone the tools they need to achieve their goals in with any project. Whether he’s offering up advice on hardware and equipment, or magnanimously stepping in for long-term coverage of an indisposed colleague’s web duties, chances are you have benefited from Art’s knowledge, experience and humor while in the course of your daily web surf.