Art Lindsey III

New Media and Technology Consulting



“Art Lindsey is a smart, creative and effective conservative who brings great passion to every  project he tackles. I wish we had more like him on our side of the political aisle.”

– Mike McCurry, former White House press secretary, Clinton administration.  Public Strategies Washington


“Art is the consummate professional. If I have a need, he is quick with a solution. His ‘outside the box’ thinking, willingness to help, and attention to detail make him an indispensable asset.”

– Andrew Keen, author and host,


“You meet plenty of people online these days, but not enough people like Art. He is thoughtful, thorough and has a spicy personality. I very much enjoyed working with him and appreciated his passion for what he does as a blogger, opinion writer and thinker.”

– Leslie Bradshaw, COO, Guide


“Art worked with RantMedia in various capacities for a decade, most notably as the programming director from 2003 to 2008. His dedication and hard work helped increase our listener numbers and bring together the community. Art is able to work well under pressure and able to communicate his ideas clearly to those he works with.”

– James O’Brien, RantMedia

(video) “I’ve learned a lot from Art. Art really knows how to cut through the partisan clutter by offering up opinions from a variety of different sources completely off the beaten track…Art is a really good critic of my videos. He is a really kind guy to slip in a very-carefully worded critique, because he’s usually right. I’m glad to have him around.”

– Adam Daniel Mezei,